Plans to create reef in Killala Bay that would boost tourism in West Sligo and North Mayo

Efforts are underway to create what’s expected to be a unique attraction in Killala Bay that would benefit the tourism industry in both west Sligo and north Mayo.

The plan, estimated to cost between €1.5m and €2m, is to establish a reef in the bay, which would help attract a diverse range sealife, particularly algae and fish.

Artificial reefs are often created from old ship wrecks which are sunk.

Those involved in planning the Killala reef intend to adopt a similar approach, using an old wreck they have got from Revenue.

Such reefs, one established, are major attractions for both tourists and underwater experts who would dive to explore the area.

West Sligo Councillor Joe Queenan has now asked that Sligo County Council work with Mayo County Council in what would be a joint community tourism project.