Gardaí advise parents and guardians to be on the look out for ‘Momo Challenge’ (Link to image in story)

Gardaí are advising parents and guardians to be on the lookout for images related to a social media game called the ‘Momo Challenge’.

The ‘game’ instructs people to contact them through social media outlets like Facebook or through messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Childrens games such as ‘Roblox’ are also being targeted by adverts disguised as friendly images.

‘Momo’ will then send graphic images and instruct people to complete increasingly dangerous ‘challenges’ ending with instructions to harm themselves.

The image (which can be viewed below) is of a sculpture created by Japanese special effects company, Link Factory, and has no association with the ‘Momo Challenge’, having taken on a life of it’s own.

The game gained widespread attention last year in the US, drawing comparisons to a previous game called ‘Blue Whale’, and has now made it’s way to Ireland.

Gardaí are advising parents and guardians to supervise the content that their children are viewing when online and to talk about the potential dangers of browsing online.


CLICK HERE TO VIEW IMAGE (Some people may find somewhat disturbing)