Leitrim IFA Chairman calls for all interested parties to engage with forestry study

The IFA have welcomed the news that the Government will fund a study by UCD to assess the social, economic and environmental impact of afforestation in Co. Leitrim.


The carrying out of such a study had been proposed by Leitrim IFA and was adopted as policy by IFA’s National Council.


There are genuine concerns in Leitrim about the impact afforestation is having on several communities throughout the County.


It’s hoped that the study which will be carried out by the school of Agriculture and Food Science in UCD will provide much needed information to address the concerns of rural communities, particularly in relation to the increased planting and ownership by people not living in Leitrim.


Leitrim IFA Chairman James Gallagher says the Study will have to carefully study the effects that afforestation is having on the County.