North west house prices to increase in 2019

Home buyers right across the north west can expect to face a price increases of about 5% in 2019.


The latest house price report from predicts that an increase in demand and rising wages will push prices up.


Prices increased by 6.1 per cent across the country in 2018 with the average price in the region now standing at 115 thousand euro compared to the national average of 266 thousand euro.


Locally, three bed semi-detached asking prices have risen over the past twelve months in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.


The average price in Sligo for a three bed semi stands at 140,000 in Leitrim the price comes in at just 105,000 and in Donegal at 100,000.


Tommy Breheny from “Oates Breheny Group” says with demand exceeding supply prices will continue to increase.  The Sligo based auctioneer also says that there prices within the respective local Counties can vary depending on location.