Plans to enhance and promote Easkey village

More than 150 people turned out for a public meeting in the west Sligo coastal village of Easkey last night to plan for a new future for their area.

Those in attendance heard of the need for more consultation when it comes to proposals for the area, and for the involvement of more people, all working together.

People in Easkey have already come together in an ongoing campaign to retain their local post office.

More recently, more than 100 residents attended a meeting over a proposal to have a pedestrian crossing in the middle of the village, something they agreed was a non-starter.

This led to the belief that another public meeting was necessary to address the issue of consultation on decisions that affect the community.

That meeting took place in the local community centre last night and it heard an array of ideas for ways to enhance and promote the area.

And it also heard of the need for greater consultation, improved communication, and the involvement of more people.

Brian Cooney was among those at the meeting who felt the voices of more people need to be heard:

Last night’s meeting was chaired by Richard Morrissey.

He told Ocean FM News what he thought was the benefit of last night’s public coming together, and where people now go from here:

Padraig Hallinan was also at the meeting last night.

He is deeply involved with the effort to retain the local post office in Easkey, the threat to which, he believes, was a wake-up call to the community.