Council confirms plans for a major extension to Sligo cemetery

There are plans for a major extension to the cemetery in Sligo town.

Although it’s one of the largest burial grounds in the region, space is running out, with only about 60 new grave plots now left.

An average of about 125 people are buried every year in Sligo Cemetery.

About three-quarters of these are in existing grave plots; the others require new plots.

Right now, there are about 63 new plots remaining, of which about 18 are for double graves and 27 for single graves.

But it’s envisaged that a new extension would eventually provide up to 1,800 grave spaces as well as about 400 niches for cremated remains.

Sligo County Council says the new extension will be developed in phases, the first providing up to 280 new plots.

This phase will also include making boundaries to the site, drainage works, and building a new access road as well as footpaths and turning areas.

It’s expected work on this first phase will start in the last quarter of this year.