Some Fianna Fail councillors believe party should have its own presidential candidate

A number of Fianna Fail councillors in the north west believe the party should have its own candidate in the coming presidential election.

That’s despite a decision by the parliamentary party to support Michael D Higgins.

Galway City Councillor Ollie Crowe is seeking support from local authorities in a bid to have the grandson of Eamon de Valera selected to run.

And he says he has received support from councillors in the north west.

Leitrim Councillor Justin Warnock believes Eamon O Cuiv would be a ‘brillant’ candidate:

Another Leitrim Fianna Fail councillor pointed out that councillors had no say so far in making decisions on a presidential candidate.

But Cllr Mary Bohan said she would suppport Eamon O Cuiv in any election, adding that he had his finger on the pulse when it came to rural Ireland.