Garda rep: Survey shows frontline members doing excellent work despite difficulties

A rank and file garda representative in the north west says that despite the need for more resources, gardai on the front line continue to provide an excellent service.

Sergeant Ray Wims, of the Sligo/Leitrim Garda Representative Association, was reacting to the latest results of the Garda Public Attitudes Survey 2017.

89% of respondents expressed a mid to high level of trust in the gardai during 2017.

Overall, 76% were satisfied or very satisfied with the service provided to the local community.

Sergeant Wims says that’s even when gardai work in inadequate conditions, such as those faced by gardai in places like the current station in Sligo, they continue to do very good work:

He says the results of the new survey are, generally, very good news for the frontline members of the force.

However, it also shows four out of 10 crime victims are dissatisfied with the Garda response and there’s also a fall in those who believe the force is well managed.

But Sergeant Wims says the rank and file gardai his organisation represents go out and do their job every day.