Farmers hit out at new rules on cattle movement

The Deputy President of ICMSA says that changes to ‘Farm-to-Farm’ livestock movement requirements are both unnecessary and unfair and will simply increase paperwork

The Department intends to change the procedure for issuing cattle movement certs.

It will mean the destination herd number must be provided before a certificate of compliance being issued.

This change will predominantly effect paper-based applications.

In 2017 over 25% of farmers used the paper -based applications where the destination herd number could simply be written in at time of sale.

According to Lorcan McCabe of the ICMSA, the proposed new system has the potential to slow down the sale of calves by several days, especially if the destination herd number has to be changed.

McCabe said this change puts more pressure on farmers at the busiest time of the year.

The ICMSA Deputy President described the Department proposal as completely ‘over the top’

He added that this proposal is yet another example of needlessly making all farmers lives more complicated for the sake of a relatively minor problem involving a small number of farmers.