Donegal Garda says criminals not threatened by ‘ill-equipped’ Gardai

Gardaí working along the border are warning that they’re not equipped to tackle the current threats they face.

The Garda Representative Association estimates an extra 1000 front line officers will be needed in the event of a hard Brexit.

And some GRA members are calling for the return of automatic weapons such as an UZI – along with more Armed Support Units.

Currently there are just two ASU’s in the border region – one in Dundalk County Louth and the other in Ballyshannon in Donegal.

Donegal based Garda Brendan O’Connor says it’s simply not good enough. He was speaking at the GRA conference in Wexford this week:

The conference in Wexford was told this week, however, that training is underway to roll out more Armed Support Units across the country.