Enniscrone plebiscite: Has Sligo County Council got the money?

People in Enniscrone in west Sligo are preparing for a vote on changing the name of their village later this year.

But one of the questions that has now arisen is if the council has the funding to hold the vote, known as a plebiscite.

Sligo County Council Chief Executive Ciaran Hayes says holding a plebiscite is a complex process and that it was important to ensure it’s not open to challenge later.

Among the decisions to be made is the precise area from which people can vote and a list of ‘qualified electors’ or voters prepared.

Advertisements will also have to be placed in local newspapers, and in response to these, people may make submissions or objections.

The council’s placenames committee is due to hold a meeting on April 16th and issue a report that’s expected to clarify the various issues that have arisen.

After that, it’s expected to be discussed again by Sligo County Council at its full monthly meeting in May, at which campaigners for the name-change hope a date will then be set for a plebiscite.

Mr Hayes told this week’s meeting of the council that it’s hoped to hold the plebiscite ‘at the back end of this year or the start of next year.’

However, the council has not made provision for a plebiscite in its budget for this year.

But local Independent Councillor Michael Clarke says he previously raised the issue of funding for the plebiscite . . .and he claims he was told lack of money would ‘not stand in the way.’

Meanwhile, people in Enniscrone are also hoping money will not be an issue, as Sinead Durkan, of the Enniscrone Placenames Committee told Ocean FM News: