North West Councils prepared for the worst later this week

Councils in the North West say they are well prepared for the effects of the snow storm expected later this week.

The west and North West are expected to escape the worst of the weather but Thursday and Friday will be the ones to watch out for here according to Met Eireann.

While most of the North West is basking in a glorious day of sunshine right now, Councils in the region say they are still preparing for the worst.

But it’s not expected to deteriorate until Thurday here according to Met Eireann.

All of the Councils are advising people to go to their websites for the latest updates and Donegal County Council even has its own map alert app on social media.

On the you can get the latest on roads that have been gritted in your local area.

Sligo County Council says it will be fully engaged all week to grit roads but it’s warning motorists not to take chances especially later in the week and slow down when driving on all routes.

Leitrim County Council is also on standby and says its website will be updated with the latest details people in the county need to know.

For now though, Forecaster Joanna Donnelly says people in the North West can relax somehat … as the counties of Sligo, Donegal and Leitrim are not included in the current weather alert taking effect from later today in the east.

She says that it’s important for people to heed the forecast for their local area: