Easkey protestors want local Post Office kept open

OceanFM is broadcasting all day today from the IT in Sligo ahead of the launch of Ireland 2040 this afternoon.

About 40 protesters from West Sligo turned out this morning for today’s cabinet meeting at IT Sligo.


There is much in the government’s plan for Ireland during the next 20 years about rural regeneration and development.

But at the heart of many rural areas is the local post office.

And in many places, these are now under threat.

One such post office is Easkey in West Sligo.

The people of Easkey took their message right to the government’s door today as Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his government ministers arrived at IT Sligo for their cabinet meeting.

Among the protesters in Sligo today was Orla Cawley, secretary of the campaign committee fighting to retain the post office in Easkey.

Meanwhile, one women on the picket line told me that the local post office in Easkey was vital to her.