Work trends in the West a concern – WDC

More people living in the western region are now leaving the area to go to work.

But apart from Galway City, County Sligo is the only area where there has been an increase in the number of people living and working.

The figures come from an analysis of Census data by the Western Development Commission.

The Western Development Commission was set up to promote social and economic development in the western region, which includes Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo.

Therefore, where people live and work is a major interest and a key indicator of the vibrancy of the area.

But a WDC analysis of Census figures show more people are now leaving the region for work.

Seven out of 10 workers — that’s 71.5% — now living in the region also work within the region. However, that’s a fall from more than 73% in 2011.

More than 4,200 residents from the region travel to work in Dublin, and more than 4,500 residents in the region work abroad.

The figures also show the movement of workers between counties.

Taking individual counties, 14% of workers in County Leitrim live in County Roscommon.

In Donegal, almost 3,000 residents work across the border in Derry.

But County Sligo bucks the trend when it comes to the fall in the number of resident workers.

Apart from Galway City, it was the only area in which there were more people working in the county who are also living there.

However, WDC Policy Analyst Deirdre Frost points out the increase is relatively small: