Mixed reaction to Brexit deal in the North West

A deal has been reached to move Brexit negotiations onto the next stage.

Leo Varadkar says it’s secured no border with Northern Ireland and they’re happy with the guarantees given.

Locally, Donegal Minister Joe McHugh says the written confirmation that there will be no land border is very welcome for the border counties.

The Fine Gael Minister says the confirmation that checkpoints will not be reintroduced along the frontier with the North is welcome by communities in both jurisdictions:

The farming community in Donegal is giving a cautious welcome to the so-called ‘breakthrough.

Chairperson of the IFA in Donegal Michael Chance says it’s the phase two trade talks which farmers are really concerned about.

He says they are not rejoicing just yet:

A Donegal Cancer campaigner says there hasn’t been enough focus on the health sector in all the talk about Brexit.

Chairperson of the Donegal Action for Cancer Care Campaign Betty Holmes was in Brussels this week on a visit organised by North West MEP Matt Carthy.

Speaking on North West today earlier, she said cross border health initiatives need to continue.

She says they have been calling for clarification from senior politicians in the North, South and the UK but to no avail: