Major investment in Abbott medical plant in Donegal Town to create 200 new jobs

A major investment in the Abbott medical plant in Donegal is set to lead to 200 new jobs.

The medical device’s manufacturer is planning a multi-million euro investment in a new facility in Donegal Town.

The medical devices manufacturer Abbott is planning a €130m investment in a new facility in Donegal that would lead to the creation of about 200 jobs.

The US healthcare group is finalising plans for the expansion of its site in Donegal town, which makes products for treating diabetes. The present plant opened in 2006, and it makes the group’s worldwide supply of blood glucose monitoring strips.

Sources said the expansion would facilitate the manufacturing of a new product and ultimately lead to the ­doubling of the 200-strong workforce in Donegal.

Abbott has been in Ireland since 1946, making it one of the most long-established multinational employers in the country. The group has almost 3,000 employees at nine Irish sites.