2018 FBD League to be played in a round-robin format

Connacht GAA have confirmed that next year’s FBD League will be played in a round-robin format.

No college teams will compete in the tournament next season, so Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Galway will play-off against each other, with the top two teams contesting the final.

The competition will get underway on Wednesday, January 3, with Sligo facing Galway and Leitrim at home to Roscommon.

Leitrim will face Sligo the following Sunday, with Leitrim travelling to Mayo and Sligo going to Roscommon on Wednesday, January 10.

Leitrim go to Galway in round four, and Sligo host Mayo in round five.


Round Robin Format as per Rial 6.21 T.O 2017
First named team at home
Top 2 teams contest Final
Round Home Away Date Time Venue Referee
1 Sligo Galway Wed 3rd Jan
1 Leitrim Roscommon Wed 3rd Jan
1 Mayo Bye
2 Mayo Galway Sun. 7th Jan
2 Leitrim Sligo Sun. 7th Jan
2 Roscommon Bye
3 Roscommon Sligo Wed 10th Jan
3 Mayo Leitrim Wed 10th Jan
3 Galway Bye
4 Galway Leitrim Sun 14th Jan
4 Roscommon Mayo Sun 14th Jan
4 Sligo Bye
5 Galway Roscommon Sun 21st Jan
5 Sligo Mayo Sun 21st Jan
5 Leitrim Bye