Improved drinking water for Sligo town as old water treatment plant closes

Irish Water has confirmed the Cairns Hill Water Treatment Plant serving Sligo town has been decommissioned.

The confirmation to Ocean FM News follows queries this week on the state of 14 plants in this region which remain on an EPA remedial action list as in ‘urgent need of an upgrade’.

The EPA named the plants sourcing water from Lough Gill as among those still on the list and today Irish Water says that one of this Cairns Hill is now closed.

Water for the greater Sligo town area serving around 11,000 people will now still come from Lough Gill but through the upgraded Foxes Den plant.

Irish Water says that it expects the Cairns Hill scheme to be removed from the EPA’s RAL in their next review leaving just the Lough Talt scheme the only one left on the list in county Sligo.

It is also reassuring people that the upgrade of the existing Foxes Den plant allows it to cater for the current water demand in Sligo whilst also providing capacity to meet future development needs.