Report reveals clear concerns about drinking water supplies

A new report from the EPA reveals that concerns remain over the quality of drinking water in many parts of the country.

Donegal still has one of the highest number of schemes on a remedial action list meaning 12 public water supplies in the county are in urgent need of upgrading.

The urgency results from an increased risk of cryptosporidium and also an upgrade would ensure more protection against the potentially harmful chemical called trihalomethane.

There are two schemes on the list in Sligo namely Lough Talt and Lough Gill and the EPA is taking enforcement action on these because of inadequate barriers against the bacteria and chemical.

Irish Water says it is continuing its efforts to ensure high-quality water supplies especially for the more than 45,000 people in Donegal.

It was responding to a query from Ocean FM News following the report which shows particular concerns in Donegal.

It says it is working to remove 12 supplies in the county from EPA’s Remedial Action List.

It also highlights there is no Donegal water scheme on a boil notice but admits cryptosporidium is a very real threat if proper barriers are not in place.

While there are very few boil water notices in place in these region, it is an issue for many others around the country.

Vicky Miskel lives in Cloonfad, Co. Roscommon and she says she would not dream of drinking water from the tap: