Sligo council says it’s doing its best to find a just solution to car park Traveller issue

A Sligo county council official says he does not see the long-running issue over a Traveller family living in a public car park in Sligo town as having now developed into a legal dispute between the sides.

That’s despite the fact there are now legal representatives acting for both the Traveller family and the council.

Council Acting Director of Services Bartley Gavin points out that there is now a mechanism in place for both the residents in the Connaughton Road car park and the council to talk and engage.

In a report to a council meeting yesterday, Mr Gavin outlined to councillors what he said were ‘extensive efforts’ over the years to find a resolution to the issue.

He says this included the offer of nine potential locations for housing, efforts at mediation, and the possible purchase of houses north of Sligo.

Mr Gavin says the council will continue to do its very best to find a just solution to the situation for everyone.