Mona McSharry commended for enormous commitment ahead of weekend homecoming

A major homecoming celebration is being planned in the North Sligo village of Grange for the return this Sunday evening from the U.S. of world swimming champion Mona McSharry.

It will take place at the North Sligo Sports Complex in Grange, and everyone is invited to show up.

Already, decorations and bunting have gone up around the village . . . and some top name sports people are expected to show up to welcome the 17-year old home.

Mona, who sporting roots are in the local community games, swims with the Marlins Club in Ballyshannon.

She claimed Ireland’s first ever gold medal at the World Junior Championships in Indianapolis when breaking the Irish record in the 100 metres breaststroke event.

She won three medals at the European championships earlier in the summer, as well as Ireland’s first ever bronze medal at the World Juniors when finishing third in the 50 metres event.

Donal GIlroy is chairman of the local community games committee, which is taking the lead in organising the this Sunday’s homecoming event.

He spoke of Mona’s huge commitment and dedication to her sport.