Sligo All-Stars fixtures for forthcoming season

Men’s Division 1 Fixtures 2017-2018
Day Date Time Home Away Venue Round
16th Sept 19:30 St Pauls Killarney Dublin Lions Killarney Sports & Leisure Centre 1
16th Sept 16:00 Ballincollig BC LYIT Donegal Ballincollig Community School 1
16th Sept 19:30 EJ Sligo All Stars LIT Celtics Mercy College Gym 1
16th Sept 12:30 ITC Basketball BFG Neptune Barrow Center 1
16th Sept 19.00 Portlaoise Panthers Fr Mathews St Marys Sportshall, Portlaoise 1
17th Sept 15:00 Ulster Elks  UL Eagles UUJ 1
17th Sept 15:00 BFG Neptune LYIT Donegal Neptune Stadium  
23rd Sept 18:00 LIT Celtics St Pauls Killarney SportsHub, Limerick IT 2
23rd Sept 16:00 LYIT Donegal Ulster Elks Foyle Arena, Ballyshannon 2
23rd Sept 19:00 BFG Neptune EJ Sligo All Stars Neptune Stadium 2
23rd Sept 19:30  UL Eagles Team Kilkenny Arena. (TBC) 2
23rd Sept 19:15 Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Fr Mathews Killorglin Sports Complex 2
24th Sept 18.00 Portlaoise Panthers ITC Basketball St Marys Sportshall, Portlaoise 2
24th Sept 15:00 Ulster Elks Dublin Lions UUJ  
24th Sept 15:30 Titans Ballincollig BC The Jes 2
30th Sept 18:30 Dublin Lions LIT Celtics Colaiste Bride 3
30th Sept 19:30 St Pauls Killarney BFG Neptune Killarney Sports & Leisure Centre 3
30th Sept 18:00 Team Kilkenny LYIT Donegal O Loughlin Gaels Gym 3
30th Sept 19:30 EJ Sligo All Stars Portlaoise Panthers Mercy College Gym 3
30th Sept 19:15 Fr Mathews  UL Eagles Colaiste Chroist 3
30th Sept 19:15 Keanes Supervalu Killorglin ITC Basketball Killorglin Sports Complex 3
1st Oct 15:00 Ulster Elks Titans UUJ 3
7th Oct 16:00 Ballincollig BC Ulster Elks Ballincollig Community School 4
7th Oct 15:00 BFG Neptune Dublin Lions Neptune Stadium 4
7th Oct 20.00 Portlaoise Panthers St Pauls Killarney St Marys Sportshall, Portlaoise 4
7th Oct 16:00 LYIT Donegal Fr Mathews Foyle Arena, Ballyshannon 4
7th Oct 19:15 Keanes Supervalu Killorglin EJ Sligo All Stars Killorglin Sports Complex 4
7th Oct 19:30  UL Eagles ITC Basketball UL Arena 4
8th Oct 15:00 LIT Celtics UU Elks SportsHub, Limerick IT  
8th Oct 13:00 BFG Neptune Team Kilkenny Upper Glanmire  
8th Oct 15:30 Titans Team Kilkenny Jez Hall Galway 4
14th Oct 18:00 LIT Celtics BFG Neptune SportsHub, Limerick IT 5
14th Oct 19:30  UL Eagles EJ Sligo All Stars UL Arena 5
14th Oct 18:00 Team Kilkenny Ballincollig BC O Loughlin Gaels Gym 5
14th Oct 18:30 Dublin Lions Portlaoise Panthers Colaiste Bride 5
14th Oct 19:15 Fr Mathews Titans Colaiste Chroist 5
14th Oct 19:30 St Pauls Killarney Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Killarney Sports & Leisure Centre 5
15th Oct 12:30 ITC Baksetball LYIT Donegal Barrrow Center 5
15th Oct TBC Fr Mathews Ulster Elks (moved from 28th)  
Presidents’ Cup  21/22 Oct Round 1
28th Oct 19:00 BFG Neptune Portlaoise Panthers Neptune Stadium 6
28th Oct 18:00 LIT Celtics Keanes Supervalu Killorglin SportsHub, Limerick IT 6
28th Oct 12:30 ITC Basketball Ballincollig BC Barrow Center 6
28th Oct 18:30 Dublin Lions  UL Eagles Colaiste Bride 6
28th Oct 19:30 EJ Sligo All Stars Titans Mercy College Gym 6
28th Oct 16:00 LYIT Donegal St Pauls Killarney LYIT 6
29th Oct 15:00 Ulster Elks Team Kilkenny UUJ 7
29th Oct 15.00 Portlaoise Panthers LIT Celtics St Marys Sportshall, Portlaoise 7
29th Oct 13:00 Ballincollig BC Fr Mathews Ballincollig Community School 7
29th Oct 19:15 Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Dublin Lions Killorglin Sports Complex 7
29th Oct 15:30 Titans ITC Basketball The Jes 7
29th Oct 15:00  UL Eagles St Pauls Killarney Pess 7
29th Oct 14:00 LYIT Donegal EJ Sligo All Stars LYIT 7
4th Nov 19:15 Fr Mathews Team Kilkenny Colaiste Chroist 8
4th Nov 19:00 BFG Neptune Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Neptne Stadium 8
4th Nov 12:30 ITC Basketball Ulster Elks TBC 8
4th Nov 18:00 LIT Celtics  UL Eagles SportsHub, Limerick IT 8
4th Nov 19:30 EJ Sligo All Stars Ballincollig BC Mercy College Gym 8
4th Nov 18:30 Dublin Lions LYIT Donegal Colaiste Bride 8
4th Nov 19:30 St Pauls Killarney Titans Killarney Sports & Leisure Centre 8
11th Nov 19:15 Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Portlaoise Panthers Killorglin Sports Complex 9
11th Nov 18:00 Team Kilkenny ITC Basketball O Loughlin Gaels Gym 9
11th Nov 19:30  UL Eagles BFG Neptune Pess 9
12th Nov 15:00 Ulster Elks EJ Sligo All Stars UUJ 9
11th Nov 16:00 LYIT Donegal LIT Celtics LYIT 9
11th Nov 16:00 Ballincollig BC St Pauls Killarney Ballincollig Community School 9
12th Nov 13:00 Team Kilkenny Keanes Supervalu Killorglin O Loughllin Gaels Gym 1
12th Nov 15:30 Titans Dublin Lions The Jes 9
18th Nov 12:30 ITC Basketball Fr Mathews Barrow Center 10
18th Nov 20.00 Portlaoise Panthers Radisson Blu UL Eagles St Marys Sportshall, Portlaoise 10
18th Nov 19:30 EJ Sligo All Stars Team Kilkenny Mercy College Gym 10
18th Nov 19:30 St Pauls Killarney Ulster Elks Killarney Sports & Leisure Centre 10
18th Nov 18:00 LIT Celtics Titans SportsHub, Limerick IT 10
18th Nov 18:30 Dublin Lions Ballincollig BC Colaiste Bride 10
19th Nov 15:00  UL Eagles Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Pess 11
19th Nov TBC Fr Mathews EJ Sligo All Stars Colaiste Chroist 11
19th Nov 14:00 LYIT Donegal Portlaoise Panthers LYIT 11
19th Nov 15:30 Titans BFG Neptune The Jes 11
19th Nov 13:00 Ballincollig BC LIT Celtics Ballincollig Community School 11
25th Nov 19:30 EJ Sligo All Stars ITC Basketball Mercy College Gym 12
25th Nov 19:15 Keanes Supervalu Killorglin LYIT Donegal Killorglin Sports Complex 12
25th Nov 19:30 St Pauls Killarney Fr Mathews Killarney Sports & Leisure Centre 12
25th Nov 20.00 Portlaoise Panthers Titans St Marys Sportshall, Portlaoise 12
26th Nov 13:00 Team Kilkenny St Pauls Killarney O Loughlin Gaels Gym 11
25th Nov 18:30 Dublin Lions Team Kilkenny Colaiste Bride 12
24th Nov 20:00 BFG Neptune Ballincollig BC Moved to Friday 12
Presidents’ Cup  Quarter Final 1st or 3rd Dec (NO SATURDAY GAMES)
9th Dec 16:00 LYIT Donegal  UL Eagles LYIT 13
9th Dec 12:30 ITC Basketball St Pauls Killarney Barrow Center 13
9th Dec TBC Titans Keanes Supervalu Killorglin TBC 13
9th Dec 19:15 Fr Mathews Dublin Lions Colaiste Chroist 13
9th Dec 16:00 Ballincollig BC Portlaoise Panthers Ballincollig Community School 13
9th Dec 17:00 Team Kilkenny LIT Celtics O Loughlin Gaels Gym 13
9th Dec 15:00 Ulster Elks BFG Neptune Methodist College 13
10th Dec 15:00 St Pauls Killarney EJ Sligo All Stars Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre, Killarney. 14
10th Dec TBC  UL Eagles Titans TBC 14
10th Dec 14:00 Dublin  Lions ITC Basketball Colaiste Bride 14
10th Dec 15:00 Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Ballincollig BC Killorglin Sports Complex 14
10th Dec 14:00 LIT Celtics Fr Mathews SportsHub, Limerick IT 14
10th Dec 15.00 Portlaoise Panthers Ulster Elks St Marys Sportshall, Portlaoise 14
16th Dec 19:00 Team Kilkenny Portlaoise Panthers O Loughlin Gaels Gym 15
16th Dec 19:30 EJ Sligo All Stars Dublin Lions Mercy College 15
16th Dec 16:00 Ballincollig BC UL Eagles Ballincollig Community School 15
16th Dec 15:00 Ulster Elks Keanes Supervalu Killorglin UUJ 15
16th Dec 19:15 Fr Mathews BFG Neptune Colaiste Chroist 15
17th Dec 15:30 Titans LYIT Donegal The Jes 15
17th Dec 12:30 ITC Basketball LIT Celtics Barrow Center 15
Total : 105
FIXTURES for D1A & D1B to be completed after Round 15 – subsequent dates laid out below
30/31 Dec Break Break Break Break Break Break Break
6/7 Jan Presidents’ Cup Semi Final
13/14 Jan Week 1 D1A & D1B
20/21 Jan Week 2 D1A & D1B
27/28 Jan Presidents Cup Final
3/4 Feb Week 3 D1A & D1B
10/11 Feb Week 4 D1A & D1B
17/18 Feb Week 5 D1A & D1B
24/25 Feb Week 6 D1A & D1B
3/4 Mar Week 7 D1A
10/11 Mar MD1 Games E-H
17/18 Mar League Cup Semi Finals
24/25 Mar League Cup Finals