Pence, grandson of South Sligo, slams reports he’s aiming to be U.S. president

The grandson of South Sligo man Richard Michael Cawley has denied he is preparing to run for president of the United States.

Vicepresident Mike Pence has described the media reports in the United States as ‘disgraceful and offensive’ to himself, his family and his team.

The article, in the New York Times, reported that a number of Mr Pence’s Republican party appeared to be positioning themselves to run in 2020 because of President Trump’s low poll numbers and numerous investigations.

But Pence has outrightly dismissed and condemned the report.

There have been hopes that Vice President Pence might at some point visit Tubbercurry, near where his grandfather came from.

On Ocean FM’s North West Today show recently, Aleisha Woodward, acting American Ambassador to Ireland, said she would be surprised if Mr. Pence did not make a visit South Sligo.