LISTEN BACK: Mercedas Taaffe-Cooper

Coolaney native Mercedas Taaffe-Cooper has been living, studying and working in Australia for the last ten years, having enjoyed huge success as a kickboxer and boxing coach during her time in Sligo.

She has developed CounterPunch, a innovative programme that provides a system to engage, empower and connect people, particularly young people, to reach their full potential by learning strategies to take control of their life, be responsible for their choices and be the master of their own happiness. (

Mercedas Taaffe with her husband Greg Cooper.

Mercedas Taaffe with her husband Greg Cooper.

In association with the Sligo Sports & Recreation Partnership, she is bringing CounterPunch to the Riverside Hotel on Tuesday, September 19.

She spoke to Darragh Cox on Ocean FM’s Sunday Sports about CounterPunch.