IFA critical of duplication in monitoring water quality

IFA’s Environment Chairman Thomas Cooney has called for State agencies, such as Inland Fisheries Ireland, to work with farmers to safeguard our aquatic environment.

Thomas Cooney says the plethora of agencies that duplicate water monitoring and evaluation must end.

He says agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Local Government, local authorities, the EPA and Inland Fisheries Ireland must work with farmers to develop a better balance between enforcement and compliance”.

He restated his call on Inland Fisheries Ireland to better advise and inform the farming community, by publishing national maps of spawning grounds and ensure that farmers are fully aware of them.

He pointed out that farmers have spent over €2bn in ensuring that farm-yards and building are at the highest environmental standards.

He also referred to the amont of farm plastics collected and recycled by farm families each year.

The investment is making a difference, with Ireland’s water quality amongst the top 25% in Europe, Mr Cooney added.