Gormley calls on TDs to ensure retention of local school bus service in the long term

A South Sligo councillor is calling on local TDs to ensure that the school bus route for pupils from Bunninadden and Killavil to Tubbercurry is retained into the future.

The call comes from Independent Councillor Margaret Gormley after confirmation today that the route will remain for the coming school year.

Changes to the catchment areas brought in in the 2012 budget meant that from September, children attending school in Tubbercurry would no longer be picked up in Bunninaden.

However, while the route for the post-primary school from Bunninaden to Tubbercurry for the 2017/2018 school year will remain, there is to be a ‘detailed route analysis’ of it.

But Cllr Gormley says it’s not enough to have the route retained for just this year.