Over 50% of vehicles failed their NCT in 2016

Over a half of vehicles tested in the region failed to pass their NCT last year.

That’s according to figures released by the Road Safety Authority.

The Sligo centre failed 54% of a total of 10,842 vehicles with 71 of those marked as ‘dangerous fails’.

In Leitrim, Carrick-on-Shannon test centre reported a fail rate of 55% with 41 vehicles marked as dangerous.

In County Donegal and in Letterkenny, 53% of vehicles did not pass the safety standard required. 79 vehicles there were marked as ‘dangerous’.

While the Donegal Town test centre recorded a fail rate of 49%, with 33 vehicles listed as dangerous.

The centre with the highest number of fails in the country was Clifden in Galway which registered a 61% fail rate. While the highest number of dangerous fails was in Fonthill in Dublin where 409 vehicles were listed as dangerous fails.