New call for cancer care ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Sligo

A Sligo councillor has again raised the idea of a centre of excellence for cancer care being provided at Sligo University Hospital.

In past years, the issue of a centre of excellence in Sligo has been highly controversial with cancer campaigners insisting it was necessary, as there is no such centre north of a line from Dublin to Galway.

But after a trenchant campaign and bitter political rows, it was decided that Galway University Hospital would be be location for the centre of excellence, with breast cancer services transferred there from Sligo despite strong protests and bitter political controversy.

Now, West Sligo Independent Councillor Michael Clarke, has called for the Health Minister to plan and develop a new centre of excellence in Sligo so as to give, what he describes as, a world-class service to the people of the North West.

He told Ocean FM News why he thinks the centre is now necessary: