McLoughlin, MacSharry in ‘war of words’ over water charges

The ‘blame game’ over whether it was Fianna Fail or Fine Gael is responsible for introducing water charges continues in Sligo/Leitrim between a local councillor and the constituency’s government TD.

Fianna Fail Councillor Tom MacSharry has this morning insisted it was Fine Gael who introduced the charges and says Fianna Fail campaigned, with others, for their abolition, before the last election.

He was responding to comments to Ocean Fm News yesterday by Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin who claimed Fianna Fail was set to introduce water charges when the EU troika was in Ireland to arrange a bailout for the country.

Deputy McLoughlin says it is disingeneous of Fianna Fail to now say they don’t support water charges when it was the party which introduced the charges.

But this is a stance Councillor MacSharry strongly disagrees with.