New car sales decrease in North West for year to date

New car sales in the North West are down across the board for the year to date.

In Donegal 1,372 new cars have been purchased so far in 2017 down from 1647 at the same time last year.

Sligo has seen a drop of 100 from 639 new cars in 2016 to 539 and Leitrim saw a marginal drop from 294 to 283 year on year.

Car sales are traditionally seen as an indicator of how the economy is looking, and figures from show the new car market for the year so far, has fallen behind by 8.7 per cent.

Motorcheck’s Managing Director Michael Rochford says there was an extra day of trading in February 2016 due to the leap year, but the trend is still down, and there are concerns that Brexit could be a factor.


Guaranteed Irish is making a comeback, and hopes to triple its membership over the next three years.

The organisation says spending an extra four Euro a week on Guaranteed Irish products could create 6,000 new jobs per year.

CEO Brid O’Connell explains how a product is guaranteed Irish;