Closure of Doonally RVL would mean mammoth journeys for farmers

The Mayor of Sligo is encouraging people to support a demonstration in support of the Regional Veterinary Lab in Sligo this week.

As part of review, just three of the 6 RVL would remain open in Athlone, Cork and Celbridge.

The potential closure of the Doonally base would mean a round trip of about 600km for farmers in north Donegal to get to the next nearest lab in Athlone.

Independent Alliance Councillor and Mayor of Sligo Marie Casserly says farmers and experts working within the industry fear the spread of disease if lorry-loads of dead animals are to be picked up from depots around the country.

Speaking to Ocean FM today, Councillor Casserly said it’s a busy lab which has carried out 3000 post-mortems of dead animals in the last two years alone.

She says people should show their support at a demonstration planned for the base between 12 and 3pm on Wednesday: