Councillors want cameras to catch illegal dumpers in south Sligo

The issue of illegal dumping appears to be getting worse across the North West.

Councillors in Donegal and South Sligo raised the issue this week after reports of fly tipping and the accumulation of rubbish at recycling centres in both counties.

Councillors in Ballymote/Tubbercurry want to see cameras installed but a Donegal councillor believes they make no difference


The issue was raised at a meeting of the Tubbercurry/Ballymote municipal district yesterday evening.

Fianna Fail councillor Jerry Lundy highlighted that illegal dumping and fly tipping has been happening in areas across South and West Sligo and that the problem is getting progressively worse.

It is especially a problem along country and bog walks in the Tubbercurry area according to councillor Lundy.

He says it’s a concern for the health and safety of the general public.

Independent councillor Michael Clarke called on Sligo to follow the lead of Donegal county council and install cameras at black spots across the county.

His fellow independent councillor Margaret Gormely and Fianna Fail’s Paul Taylor slammed the behaviour of those illegally dumping rubbish claiming people know who is doing it but won’t report them.

Independent Donegal councillor Niamh Kennedy raised a similar issue with Donegal County Council after an accumulation of dumping at the recycling centre in Donegal Town.

She believes the installation of cameras has not had the desired effect.

Meanwhile, councillor Dara Mulvey recently raised the idea of putting in solar powered bins across Co. Sligo.

The Fine Gael councillor believes this could solve the ongoing litter problem.

He says Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council have already installed 400 of these bins and was recently named the most Efficient municipality in waste management in a worldwide competition.

Speaking to Ocean FM he explained how these bins would work: