Killybegs Community Council to discuss objecting to silt dumping in Donegal Bay

Almost two and half thousand truck loads of silt is to be removed from Donegal Bay if the Department gets a licence to carry out the work.

The issue is a source of debate in the Killybegs area this week as the deadline for opposing or making submissions to the Environmental Protection Agency is on Friday.

The Community Council is holding a meeting tonight to decide whether or not to object to the plans which are all part of the extension to the pier at Smooth Head.

It will involve the disposal of almost 100,000 tonnes of fine peaty silt in Donegal bay and a further 20,000 of the more toxic silt will be disposed of at landfill – that will mean thousands of truckloads to be moved.

Independent Councillor Niamh Kennedy raised the issue at a meeting of the Municipal Council in Donegal this week: