Councillor told extending Pullaheeney pier could be very costly

A Sligo county councillor who is calling for a pier in the west of the county to be extended has been told it would be very costly.

Independent Councillor Michael Clarke wants the pier at Pullaheeney extended to enable craft dock at low tide.

He also wants rings for securing boats replaced.

Cllr Clarke says the pier is used by commercial fishing boats, seaweeed companies, other fishing boats as well as Jet ski users, surfers and swimmers.

Council Director of Services Tom Kilfeather says the council has carried out considerable improvements at Pullaheeney harbour and slipway over the past decade and a half.

These include a new road bridge, a strengthened and resurfaced access road, a new section to the pier, slipway repair, some coastal protection and other works.

Mr Kilfeather says extending the pier would be a costly undertaking.

He added that there were other issues around the slipway that also required attention and funding.

These includes protection to the existing road and bridge in the area.

He says Sligo County Council will consider Cllr Clarke’s request in the light of demands on limited funding and priorities.

Cllr Clarke also asked if straw bales could be used as part of a system for coastal protection, adding that such a system was used in other countries.