Sligo swimmer sets new records and claims seven medals at national championships

Sligo’s Mona McSharry was the star of the weekend at the Irish Open Short Course Championships in Lisburn.

The Grange native, who swims with the Marlins Club in Ballyshannon, won seven gold medals and five national titles, and broke a number of national junior records in the process, while also being named the Irish junior swimmer of the year.

The 16-year-old won three gold medals on Friday, firstly winning the 100 metres breaststroke in a new record of one-minute-six-point-seven-one seconds.

McSharry went on to win the 200 metres individual medley and the 100 metres freestyle.

On Saturday, she finished first in the 50 metres freestyle, the 50 metres breaststroke and the 110 metres individual medley, setting new junior records in all three.

She was also named by Swim Ireland as the Junior Performance Athlete of the Year following her double-medal-winning performances at the European Junior Swimming Championships in Hungary in July.

McSharry then completed a perfect weekend by winning the 200 metres breaststroke on Sunday in yet another national record time.

Results Day 1

Women 800m Freestyle: 1st R Bethel Lisburn City 8:54.87 2nd L Bethel Lisburn City 9.07.80 3rd J Burke NAC 9.12.25

Men 50m Freestyle: 1st D Prendergast UCD 22.78 2nd C Coulter Ards 22.89 3rdL Burras Hamilton Aquatics 22.94

Women 100m Breaststroke: 1st M McSharry Marlins 1.06.71 2nd D McNamara Castlebar 1.08.66 3rd N Kilgallen 1.08.71

Men 200m Backstroke: 1st R McEvoy Ennis 1.59.47 2nd B Griffin Trojan 1.59.93 3rd S Scannell Kilkenny 2.02.40

Women 200m Butterfly: 1st E Walshe Templeogue 2.11.51 (IJR) 2nd C Flood Tallaght 2.14.61 3rd E Reid Ards 2.15.08

Men 100m Butterfly: 1st B Hyland Tallaght 53.66 2nd B Doyle Aer Lingus 54.59 3rd J Karl Hamilton Aquatics 54.80

Women 50m Backstroke: 1st J Roberts UCD 28.69 2rd D Hill Larne 28.80 3rd E Reid Ards 29.10

Men 50m Breaststroke: 1st C Matthews Hamilton Aquatics 29.33 2nd L Doyle Dolphin 29.50 3rd D Sweeney SWSC 29.85

Women 200m IM: 1st M McSharry Marlins 2.16.00 2nd N Kilgallen Claremorris 2.16.47 E Walshe Templeogue 2.17.95

Men 400m Freestyle: 1st B Hyland Tallaght 3.50.72 2nd G Quinn Longford 3.51.31 (IJR) 3rd J McMillan Bangor 3.51.51

Women 100m Freestyle: 1st M McSharry Marlins 56.56 2nd R Bethel Lisburn City 56.60 3rd C Flood Tallaght 56.98

Men 100m Individual Medley: 1st D Prendergast UCD 55.22 B Griffin Trojan 56.44 3rd A Corby Limerick 57.30

Women 400m Medley Relay: 1st Aer Lingus 4.22.15 2nd Kilkenny 4.27.81 3rdSWSC 4.29.14

Men 400m Medley Relay: 1st Ards 3.49 22 2nd SWSC 3.54.44 3rd Limerick 3.55.27

Results Day 2
Men 1500m Free: 1st D Wiffen Lisburn 15:47.15 2nd N Turner Aer Lingus 15:47.81 3rd M Haugh Ennis 16:08.54
Women 50m Freestyle: 1st M McSharry Marlins 25.90 IJR 2nd D Hill Larne 26.18 3rd N Kilgallen Caremorris 26.21
Men 100m Breaststroke: 1st C Matthews Hamilton Aquatics 1:04.16* 2nd L Doyle Dolphin 1:04.21 3rd D Sweeney Sundays Well 1:04.47
Women 200m Backstroke: 1st D Hill Larne 2:12.39 2nd L Agney Hamilton Aquatics 2:13.88* 3rd M Godden Kilkenny 2:16.51
Men 200m Butterfly: 1st B Hyland Tallaght 1:57.31 ISR 2nd K Jakub Hamilton Aquatics 1:59.74* 3rd C Coulter Ards 2:02.48
Women 100m Butterfly: 1st S O’Brien UCD 59.20 2nd E Reid Ards 1:00.42 3rd E Walshe Templeogue 1:00.42 IJR
Men 50m Backstroke: 1st D Prendergast UCD 25.58 2nd R McEvoy Ennis 25.71 3rd J Lob-Levyt CN Las Palmas 26.72*
Women 50m Breaststroke: 1st M McSharry Marlins 30.94 IJR 2nd N Kilgallen Claremorris 31.94 3rd A Haughey Aer Lingus 32.42
Men 200m IM: 1st B Griffin Trojan 2:01.62 2nd A Moore UCD 2:03.40 3rd J McMillan Bangor 2:05.70
Women 400m Freestyle Final: 1st R Bethel Lisburn 4:16.79 2nd C Flood Tallaght 4:20.37 3rd V Catterson Ards 4:22.26
Men 100m Freestyle: 1st G Quinn Longford 49.13 IJR 2nd D Prendergast UCD 49.61 3rd C Coulter Ards 49.74
Women 100m IM: 1st MMcSharry Marlins 1:02.31 IJR 2nd B Firth Ards 1:03.38* 3rd N Kilgallen Claremorris 1:03.82
Men 400m Freestyle Relay: 1st UCD 3:23.24 2nd Hamilton Aquatics 3:23.83 3rdEnnis 3:30.09
Women 400m Freestyle Relay: 1st Hamilton Aquatics 3:52.11* 2nd Ards 3:55.18* 3rd Aer Lingus 3:55.36


Results Day 3
Men 800m Freestyle: 1st N Turner Aer Lingus 8:21.89 2nd D Wiffen Lisburn 8:23.21 3rd C Doyle Dolphin 8:26.60
Women 1500m Freestyle: 1st C Doran City of Derry 17:26.44 2nd E McConnell Ards 17:41.87 3rd D Cruise New Ross 18:04.91
Women 400m IM: 1st Ellen Walshe Templeogue 4:49.87 2nd A Neamt Trojan 4:57.92 3rd J Knox Banbridge 4:59.03
Men 400m IM: 1st B Hyland Tallaght 4:18.07 2nd B Griffin Trojan 4:20.55 3rd J Knox Banbridge 4:28.61
Women 50m Butterfly: 1st E Reid Ards 26.88 2nd S O’Brien UCD 26.90 3rd J Roberts UCD 27.32
Men 50m Butterfly: 1st C Munn Ards 24.96 2nd B Doyle Aer Lingus 25.00 3rd M Coward NAC 25.11
Women 200m Freestyle: R Bethel Lisburn 2:0.87 2nd D Hill Larne 2:00.93 3rd C Flood Tallaght 2:03.20
Men 200m Freestyle: 1st J Karl Hamilton Aquatics 1:46.88* 1st G Quinn Longford 1:47.30 IJR 2nd J McMillan Bangor 1:48.16
Women 100m Backstroke: 1st J Roberts UCD 1:00.92 2nd L Agnew Hamilton Aquatics 1:02.65* 2nd D Hill Larne 1:03.11
Men 100m Backstroke: 1st D Prendergast UCD 54.24 2nd R McEvoy Ennis 55.27 3rd A Corby Limerick 55.48
Women 200m Breaststroke: 1st M McSharry Marlins 2:24.42 2nd D McNamara Castlebar 2:25.82 3rd N Kilgallen Claremorris 2:29.81
Men 200m Breaststroke: 1st L Doyle Dolphin 2:18.32 2nd E Keighley  Asgard 2:19.30 3rd C Matthews Hamilton Aquatics 2:19.42
Men 200m IM Relay: 1st Ards 1:43.86 2nd Hamilton Aquatics 1:45.07* 2ndSundays Well 1:46.99
Women 200m IM Relay: 1st Hamilton Aquatics 2:00.38* 1st Ards 2:00.67 2nd Aer Lingus 2:01.19
Women 200m Freestyle Relay: `1st Hamilton Aquatics 1:47.26* 1st Ards 1:48.88 2nd Sundays Well 1:49.42
Men 200m Freestyle Relay: 1st UCD 1:32.13 2nd Hamilton Aquatics 1:33.01* 3rdArds 1:33.90


2016 Swim Ireland Award Winners

2016 Swim Ireland Performance Athlete of the Year Oliver Dingley
2016 Swim Ireland Performance Athlete of the Year Ellen Keane
2016 Swim Ireland Performance Athlete of the Year (Junior) Mona McSharry
2016 Swim Ireland Performance Coach of the Year Damian Ball