Only five full time jobs created in north Leitrim last year

The Manorhamilton municipal district is not catching up since the closure of McCormack’s garage saw the loss of 20 jobs earlier this year.

A question by councillor Justin Warnock at this week’s meeting of the municipal district saw the equivalent of seven jobs were created in the area in 2015, meaning there are 13 jobs less.

Four part time and five full time jobs were created in north Leitrim last year according to the council’s economic development director who also informed the meeting that indirect jobs were created through mentoring, training and business clinics.

The council also confirmed that the area’s live register statistic showed a fall of 10% between 2014 and 2015.

Councillor Warnock told Ocean FM if McCormack’s reopened there would be 20 new jobs in the area but nobody is doing anything to make that happen.