List of Incorrect Answers
Putting in or taking out a CD
Opening and closing Microwave
Turning a key in a lock
Printing out Paper
Putting on a seatbelt
Onion Slicer
Pressing the two buttons on an old style tape player
A Stamper
Chopping Vegetables
Opening car with a key
Click noise of a washing machine  at the start of a cycle of washing
Opening or closing a briefcase or suitcase
Pricing Gun
Doing a transaction at the ATM Machine
Paper Puncher
Dialing an Old Telephone
Sewing Machine
Pulling the chord of a shower
Walking in Snow
Inserting a Video Cassette
Automatic Hand Sanitizer
CD Changer
click of Kettle when it’s boiled
Utensil for chopping vegetables
Putting up the Handle of a Door before locking it
Changing records in a Jukebox
Slide Projector
Closing Suitcase
Putting toast down in the toaster
Pulling up and down attic stairs and locking the stairs again
New metal card holders , the click when you close it
CD getting stuck in the CD Player
Shutter on a camera
Putting washing powder in the tray of washing machine
Clicking on a pen
Opening and Closing a Damper on a Range
Grandfather Clock
Cutting Turf
Retractable Dog Lead
Paring wood with a wood chisel
Bird building nest in a Vent
Closing the bonnet of a car
Automatic Paper hand Towel Dispenser
Closing the lid on a box of washing powder capsules
Dosing sheep
Winding a clock with a key
Scanning Credit Card
Car Jack
Putting up Ironing Board
Dropping batteries into a Torch
Wipers on a Vehicle
Hazzard Light Button in car being pressed
Luggage Labeller
Taking coin out of shopping trolley
Closing the lid on an air fryer