Incorrect Answers


Sean Nos Dancing Shoes

Squeezing a Plastic Bottle

Mouse click on computer


Closing a ring binder

Putting on or off a switch

Opening a safety lid on tablets or medication

Clicking a biro

Pull Chord Electric Shower

Taking the seal on a Radio Bingo Book

Double click of a computer mouse

Hitting a Table Tennis Ball

Ping Pong Ball

Putting the needle onto a record

Turning on and off a flashlamp

Pulling the chord on a light switch over a mirror

Air seal on the lid of a Jar

Clip on an old time folder

Hole Puncher

Tick of a clock

Tapping the top of an egg

Date Stamp


Pushing immersion switch

Pulling the ring on a mineral can

Flicking your finger nails

Shoemaker putting heel or sole on a shoe

Clicking of a Tape Recorder

Putting a clip in your hair

Document Folder