Incorrect answers so far –
Opening can of coke
Taking tablet out of foil packet
Opening Yogurt packet
Opening a can of fizzy drink
Opening a can of cat food
Opening a bottle of beer
Putting a page into a file
Striking a match
Bubble Wrap
Cracking an egg for baking
Pricing Gun
Putting money in a Parking Metre
Splitting kindling for a fire.
Opening and closing an outdoor post box.
A Blacksmith shoeing a horse.
Putting coal on a fire.
Pulling back the chord on a hoover.
Mouse Trap
Opening a tin of beans or peas.
Hitting ball in crazy golf
Cracking an egg on the pan and frying it
Putting down bread in the toaster
Opening the foil on a Jar of Coffee
Taking tape from the tape dispenser
Staple Remover
Opening or closing an air fryer
Pressing the dice on a board game
Folding an ironing board
Putting coins into a self service till
Finger nails going across a table
Opening and Closing a Briefcase
Clock Ticking
Shuffling a deck of cards
Cracking a nut with a nut cracker
Paper Puncher
Gas Lighter
Closing the bolt on a gate
Opening a can of tuna or coke
Putting back the nozzle after filling petrol or diesel
Crushing a can
Closing a child car seat
Cutting floor or roof tiles
Putting coins into a metal box
Cashier’s stamp in the Post Office
Lifting tiles with a hammer and chisel
Newton’s Cradle
Pepper Grinder
Pressure Release Valve for a power washer
Child’s Toy Gun
Changing the regulator on a gas cylinder
Hitting a golf ball
Putting ice into an ice bucket or glass
Putting a microphone close to an LP to record it
Opening or closing an inhaler
Pulling a chord to put on a light
Opening easy singles cheese
Dialing an old phone
Making popcorn
Putting in or out a pane of glass
Potato Scoop
Opening and closing the door of a microwave
opening and closing the lid on butter
Combination lock
Medical Pen
Opening a Face Mask
Rolling a cigarette
Silicone Gun
Driving in a Nail
Changing the head on a hair trimmer /Shaver
Changing blades on a carving knife
Making coffee in a machine with pods
Card Wallet
Lighting the fire
Hazard Lights
Extracting a tooth and putting it on a tray
Breaking the seal on a coffee jar
Replacing token in shopping trolley
Pressing the dice in a board game like ludo
Putting on a gym belt or working out in the gym
Faulty Boiler
Clicking the sweetener packet
Machine for testing blood sugars for diabetics
Speed Dial on an exercise bike