Incorrect Answers


Nail Clippers

Child Safety Lock on a Medicine Bottle


Blowing a kiss

Stretching an elastic band and letting it go

clipping nails with nail clipper

Hitting a ruler of a table

Pruning Roses

Chipping down a wall with a Pick

Ticking of a clock

Wheel of a Cigarette Lighter

Index Marker

Breaking a bar of Chocolate

Paper Puncher

Taking on or off a seatbelt

Electronic  Ignition for lighting a cooker

Putting in a code to keypad

Castration tool

Bottle Opener

Breaking a rich tea or marietta biscuit

Computer Mouse

Fastener on a Jacket

Curling Tongs

Trigger mechanism on a toy gun

Magnet on a Door

Click of a Padlock

Poker Chips

Trip Switch

Fastener on a wallet or purse

Fly Swatter

Puff of air into your eye for eye test

Ring binder

Pulling the ring on a drinks can

Shuffling a stack of coins

Whisking eggs

Drip from a Tap

The nozzle of a water bottle

Clips on a brief case being opened

Setting the clock on the Central Heating

Cap being put back on a marker

Snib on a door

Opening car door with button key

Boy’s Toy Gun

Clipping Toe Nails


Closing the clasp on the old style suitcase

Banging a map of the wall


Manual Hedge Cutters/Trimmers

Closing the bracelet on a watch


Leather belt

Turning off or on gas cylinder

The vent on the tank in hotpress

Tapping a ball of the ground

Pulling down a blind

Pulling the head on the Razor

Electric Toothbrush

Closing the clasp on a pearl necklace