Incorrect answers so far –
Opening can of coke
Taking tablet out of foil packet
Opening Yogurt packet
Opening a can of fizzy drink
Opening a can of cat food
Opening a bottle of beer
Putting a page into a file
Striking a match
Bubble Wrap
Cracking an egg for baking
Putting money in a Parking Metre
Splitting kindling for a fire.
Opening and closing an outdoor post box.
A Blacksmith shoeing a horse.
Putting coal on a fire.
Pulling back the chord on a hoover.
Opening a tin of beans or peas.
Hitting ball in crazy golf
Cracking an egg on the pan and frying it
Putting down bread in the toaster
Opening the foil on a Jar of Coffee
Taking tape from the tape dispenser
Staple Remover
Opening or closing an air fryer
Pressing the dice on a board game
Putting coins into a self service till
Finger nails going across a table