Incorrect Answers


Nail Clippers

Child Safety Lock on a Medicine Bottle


Blowing a kiss

Stretching an elastic band and letting it go

clipping nails with nail clipper

Hitting a ruler of a table

Pruning Roses

Chipping down a wall with a Pick

Ticking of a clock

Wheel of a Cigarette Lighter

Index Marker

Breaking a bar of Chocolate

Paper Puncher

Taking on or off a seatbelt

Electronic  Ignition for lighting a cooker

Putting in a code to keypad

Castration tool

Bottle Opener

Breaking a rich tea or marietta biscuit

Computer Mouse

Clicking a Pen

Fastener on a Jacket

Curling Tongs

Striking a match

Trigger mechanism on a toy gun

Magnet on a Door

Click of a Padlock

Poker Chips

Trip Switch

Closing duvet cover

Fastener on a wallet or purse

Fly Swatter

Camera /taking photo

Puff of air into your eye for eye test

Ring binder

Pulling the ring on a drinks can

Shuffling a stack of coins

Whisking eggs

Drip from a Tap

The nozzle of a water bottle

Clips on a brief case being opened

Setting the clock on the Central Heating

Cap being put back on a marker

Snib on a door

Opening car door with button key

Boy’s Toy Gun

Clipping Toe Nails


Closing the clasp on the old style suitcase

Banging a map of the wall


Manual Hedge Cutters/Trimmers


Closing the bracelet on a watch


Leather belt

Turning off or on gas cylinder

The vent on the tank in hotpress

Tapping a ball of the ground

Pulling down a blind

Pulling the head on the Razor

Electric Toothbrush

Closing the clasp on a pearl necklace

Cable Ties

Cracking the shell of hard boiled egg

The glove box in a car


Changing battery in a clock

Closing the plastic lid on a cake box,

The long handle dustpan and brush,

Breaking a pencil in half,

Pressure Cooker,

Hitting a golf ball,

Sieving flour

Cracking a Nut

Putting the cover back on a fridge light

Closing a lid on the Kettle

Pressing the button of a handle of a PVC Window

Throwing a dart at a dart board

Closing a Book

Magnet on mobile Phone Cover

Mouse Trap

Pushing two extension leads together

Ping Pong Ball

Extension handle of a Paint Roller

Eating crunchy Toast

Hair straightener

Closing a George Foreman

Spray Mop

Opening/Closing box of washing pods

‘Take sign’ when filming

Opening and closing Cooker Damper

Pulling Christmas Cracker

Snapping Pots of Yogurts Apart

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, charging and putting it back together again

Opening a zip lock bag

Stapling Gun

Popping Pill out of sheet of Tablets

Bending Back a Ruler and hitting it of a desk

Optician checking lenses

Opening a clothes dryer

Pulling Wishbone of a Chicken

Stitching on a sewing machine

Opening a Jar

Putting two bunk beds together

Pulling Your Knuckle Joints

Potato or Veg Peeler

Fastening a High Chair

Pulling plug out of socket

Connecting the flexible hose to the solid pipe of a hoover

Clicking two pieces of woods together for a wooden floor

Fly Swat

Cleaning the blades of a Food Processor

Closing a clasp for your hair

Using Fire Extinguisher

Opening Tin of Pringles

Steam Iron

Franking Machine

Flint, fire stick to light fire when camping

Safety catch on the washing Pods Box

Switch button on a gas cooker/Barbeque for lighting the gas

Opening the lid of a Yankee Candle


Pouring liquid into a jar using a funnel

Camping Stove
Playing Table Tennis
Pulling Chord on Electric Shower
Bic Colour Changing Pen
Clicking a Dog Collar together
Breaking Twigs
Milking Machine in use on a dairy farm
Vending Machine releasing crisps or drinks
Hitting balls on a pool table
Knocking batteries out of the TV Remote into your hand
Putting up an ironing board
Adjusting crutches
Putting weights on a bar and lifting it up
Putting the back on a smoke alarm
Closing a door handle by pulling it up and turning the key
Attaching a Juicer
Taking a stem out of an apple
Electric Balloon  Pump
Crushing a packet of Frozen Peas
Attaching or detaching from a food processor
Pulling down the attic steps and putting them back up again
Connecting a Plug to an extension lead
Pulling the handle on a velux window
Plug in earphone
Flat Mop
Snapping a Carrot in half
Folding out a child’s buggy
Switching on the heat
Breaking a chocolate bar
Carpenter stud for laying carpet