HIQA issue damning report on Sligo nursing home

A Sligo nursing home has received a damning report from the Health watchdog.


A report on the Nazareth House Nursing Home in Sligo Town found eight non-compliances at the facility.


The Nazareth House Nursing Home provides residential care for 70 male and female residents who require long-term care or who require care for short periods due to respite, convalescence, dementia or palliative care needs.


Care is provided for people with a range of needs: low, medium, high and maximum dependency.


A HIQA inspection took place in February of this year with infection control, resident’s rights, protection, fire precautions, just some of the concerns highlighted within the report.


The inspectors were not assured that the provider had the required numbers of staff available with the required skill mix having regard of the size and layout of the centre and the assessed needs of the resident’s.


Staffing resources were not being managed effectively to ensure that residents assessed needs were met in a timely manner.


The management systems reviewed on the day of the inspection did not provide assurances that the service provided was safe, appropriate and consistent.


There was also insufficient storage available to store clinical equipment in the centre.

The provider had not kept all areas of the centre in a good state of repair.


Worn and damaged carpets restricted effective cleaning, and the damaged areas had not been repaired in a timely manner.


The environment was not managed in a way that minimised the risk of transmitting a health care-associated infection.


There was no hand washing sink available in the cleaner’s room and the carpets were visibly dirty and stained in several areas.


Inspectors also found that equipment was not consistently decontaminated and maintained to minimise the risk of transmitting a health care-associated infection.


The Inspectors were also not assured that the provider’s day-to-day arrangements in place to review the fire safety risks and fire precautions against the risk of fire were not effective.


The provider had not taken all reasonable precautions to protect the residents from abuse. For example, two residents who were involved in a recent safeguarding incident did not have an appropriate safeguarding care plan.


Residents were not provided with opportunities to participate in activities in accordance with their capacities and capabilities.


The provider has since carried out a number of measures and actions in order to meet compliance in these areas.


The likes of a weekly documented equipment cleaning checklist is now in place while it has been clarified to all staff where the responsibility lies for the cleaning of clinical equipment.


All residents have now been reassessed and all documentation has been updated for safeguarding.


A link to the full report can be found here: