Litter survey finds shortcomings with the Mall car park

The Mall Car Park in Sligo still requires a more thorough approach to cleaning, according to the latest IBAL litter survey.


The first survey of 2024 shows that Sligo town is again ‘cleaner than European norms’ in 8th spot in the ranking of 40 towns and cities.


There were no heavily littered sites in Sligo and eight out of the ten sites surveyed got the top litter grade.


The Mall Car Park had been heavily littered in 2023 – the overall impression improved somewhat this time around, but IBAL say that more attention to the site is needed.


Meanwhile, the Deposit Return Scheme for plastic bottles is leading to lower litter across the country.


Irish Business Against Litter spokesperson Conor Horgan says it’s great to see fewer cans and plastic bottles being dumped: