Visiting restrictions in place at Sligo University Hospital

Visiting restrictions have been put in place at Sligo University Hospital.


It’s due to a number of outbreaks of Covid-19 and norovirus on site.


In a statement, management at the hospital are advising that there are visiting restrictions are in place on a number of wards.


The hospital is currently dealing with a norovirus outbreak impacting two wards, with COVID-19 impacting two further wards.


Visiting to the affected wards is limited to compassionate grounds only and these visits should be arranged in advance with the nurse manager on the ward.


Given the severe impact of both Covid and norovirus on patients, the hospital is appealing to the public not to visit the site if they have symptoms.


Visitors are also advised that they must use the alcohol hand gels supplied as they enter and leave the hospital, face masks are available for use throughout the hospital.


The hospital would like to thank members of the public for their co-operation.