HIQA report finds regulation breaches in Sligo Nursing Home

Sligo Nursing Home was found to be in two breaches of regulations, according to a report published by HIQA. Random inspections were carried out in the nursing home in October, with the findings published this morning.

Among the breaches were non-compliance with infection control and resident’s rights. In terms of infection control, the report noted that the environment and equipment were not managed in a way that minimised the risk of transmitting a healthcare-associated infection.

Meanwhile, in relation to resident’s rights, one resident’s continence device was exposed while in a communal area. This did not support the resident’s dignity and it was not identified or addressed by staff until it was brought to their attention by the inspectors.

As the inspections were carried out months ago, these issues have since been rectified, with the report also detailing a plan for Sligo Nursing Home to comply with the regulations going forward.