Donegal councillors discuss concern over Irish water

Irish Water has come under fire over a number of local issues in south Donegal.


Firstly, it’s been claimed that the utility is effectively pouring cold water on peoples plans to build in Mountcharles.


Upgrade work to the treatment plant in the area is planned for mid 2023 yet it’s understood that planning applications keep being refused.


Local Cllr Noel Jordon says there are many people and Donegal County Council itself who are interested in building in the village yet they are currently prohibited from doing so.


He says if we’re serious about regenerating areas like Mountcharles then Irish Water need to come clean on why they are preventing that:




Separately, Irish Water has come in for criticism over not taking concerns over the supply at Cashelard seriously.

It’s reported that a significant amount of lime scale has appeared on utensils and applications in recent weeks yet despite calls on the utility to carry out testing, it has yet to do so.



Cllr Michael McMahon has accused Irish Water of failing to take the issue seriously.


Despite reassurances that the water is completely safe, Cllr McMahon says he’s not convinced;