Local MEP questions why funding to advance green economy has not been drawn down

A Midlands North West MEP says Millions of Euro which was supposed to be used to help the Irish economy recover from Covid is sitting on a shelf in Brussels.


Sinn Fein MEP Chris MacManus says Ireland was allocated €915 million in grants from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility.


The Sligo MEP says the money earmarked for investment projects and advancing the green economy.


He says so far none of the cash has arrived. In a statement, the government said it has now made a “first payment request.

Chris MacManus, says other countries have already spent millions by now.



The former Sligo Councillor says The Midlands North West region needs the money which has been agreed.

He says the funds are required to help the local region respond to the

devastating economic blow of the Covid-19  crisis and he questioned why none of the allocated funding has not been Utilised