North West farmers to share almost €4M under Beef Sector Efficiency Programmes

Over 3,360 farmers in the North West are to share almost four million euro under the Beef Sector Efficiency Programmes.


Donegal farmers are to receive the biggest share at just over €1.5m, that’s followed by Sligo at almost 1.3 million and Leitrim at over 1.1 million euro.


The BEEP-S programme helps to increase economic and environmental efficiency in the suckler herd through improvement in the quantity and quality of performance data collected, with a view to supporting the adoption of best practice and more informed decision making at farm level.


On the Dairy-Beef Scheme, it helps to increase the economic and environmental efficiency of beef from the dairy herd, and to facilitate further the integration of the dairy and beef sectors by providing support for farmers who are rearing progeny from the dairy herd.


In total, over €42 million has commenced issuing to some 30,000 participating farmers