Above average residential vacancy rates recorded in Sligo & Leitrim

Both Sligo and Leitrim have returned a residential vacancy rate much higher than the national average.


The latest figures have been released the GeoDirectory and cover the twelve months to June.


The highest vacancy rates in the country were found in the west and north-west of the country.

According to the latest data, the residential vacancy rate in Sligo was 8.9%.

This was higher than the national residential vacancy rate of 4.2% according to figures released in the latest GeoDirectory Residential Buildings Report.

188 residential buildings were under construction and 304 new residential address points were recorded by GeoDirectory in Sligo

At 12.8%, Leitrim was the county with the highest vacancy rate, although it did post a year-on-year vacancy decline while Donegal had a vacancy rate of 9.7%

38 residential buildings under construction and 92 new residential address points recorded by GeoDirectory in Leitrim in the twelve months to June 2022

The residential vacancy rate in Leitrim was 12.8% in June 2022 while 38 residential buildings were under construction in the county over the same period.