Letterkenny’s Jamie Griffin wins major skateboarding title

Donegal’s Jamie Griffin has won the prestigious ‘Battle of the Berrics’ skateboarding competition in Los Angeles.

Griffin was one of four skaters competing in the 12th editon of the finals on Tuesday night.

He beat Tyler Peterson, Sewa Kroetkov and Paul Rodriguez to take the title for 2022.

Griffin, who has been based in England, has been a passionate advocate for the provision of better skateboarding facilities in this country.

The Battle of the Berrics is a skateboarding contest which began in the US in 2008 at a private indoor skatepark, The Berrics, in Los Angeles.

It began life as competition between skaters from the US against competitors from around the world but the competiton has evolved in the intervening years.

The first women’s ‘Battle of the Berrics’ was introduced in 2019.

For BATB 12 this year, 64 skaters took part in the competition with Griffin eventually winning it out on Tuesday night.