Local Councillor warns that speeding cars in Bundoran will not be tolerated

A Donegal Councillor is warning that the situation where large numbers of motor enthusiasts are using the streets and roads around Bundoran for car racing is damaging the town’s tourism potential.


Local Councillor Michael McMahon is issuing the warning after large numbers of the so called ‘Boy Racers’ flocked into the South Donegal town over the Bank Holiday weekend.


The Sinn Fein Councillor says car parks had to be closed in order to prevent them from gaining access to the town.


He says the efforts were coordinated with the assistance of local Gardai in order to protect the town’s residents and those visiting the popular tourist location.


Cllr McMahon says they are open to discussing the matter with representatives from the group that partake in this behaviour, however he warned that large numbers of cars cannot be allowed to drive through the town’s streets and surrounding roads at high speed.