Leitrim Councillor not happy with efforts to improve water quality in parts of Kinlough

A Leitrim councillor is voicing his disappointment with a county council reply to a request which he believes would have led to an improvement in water supply to people in an area of Kinlough.


Fianna Fail Councillor Justin Warnock claims over the past number of years, homes in the Uragh and Tawley areas had been left without a water supply for up to three days.


Cllr Warnock was told that the interconnection of two district metered areas would not take place this year and was not part of Irish Water’s work programme for the area, as a result there was no identified budget to join up the two areas.


It is understood there is work planned to replace an aged pipe around Redbrae/Tullaghan.


Cllr Warnock was also told pipes in this area were relatively small, that the local area was mostly flat with larger populated areas creating a higher demand.


Cllr Warnock said he will be looking for money in the coming years to improve the water supply in the area