Ryan rows back on turf demands

A Donegal TD says a ‘common sense’ approach is needed to the sale and distribution of turf.


It seems the Energy Minister is rowing back on proposed new laws to ban it, with Eamon Ryan now saying it won’t apply to rural communities of fewer than 500 people.


There’d been clashes between the coalition parties over the issue but Minister Ryan says it won’t be a case of inspectors going into cottages and ‘sifting through the grate’.


Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue says a balance needs to be found between environmental progress and traditional practices.



Meanwhile a Donegal Councillor fears ‘people may die’ if the price of fuel continues it’s currently trajectory especially if a proposed ban of turf cutting is introduced.


Glenties based Councillor, Michael McCafferty says the potential ban is creating a great deal of worry for people.


Minister Ryan clarified yesterday the word ‘draft’ should have been included in a Dáil question early this month that was accredited to him.


He said the proposals have not yet gone to government.


Councillor McClafferty says a ban on people cutting their own is ‘not practical’ and the idea ‘needs to be scrapped.’