Former New York Police Officer threatens to sue Garda after gun siezed in Swanlinbar

An 88 year old former New York City Policeman is threatening to sue Gardai after his decommissioned gun was seized from his home in Swanlinbar, Co Cavan.


Jude McGovern says he went out for a few minutes on Saturday and returned to find armed Gardai searching his house in Cavan.


It’s being reported that he has  taken to bed suffering from stress since the incident claiming he was treated like one of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” fugitives during the incident.


Gardai say they conducted a search at a house in Swanlinbar, where a suspected unlicensed firearm was seized.


Jude admits he never declared the weapon when he moved back, but is unhappy with how Gardai handled the situation: